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Game crashes at 18.9.2 everytime (video included)

Question asked by sumeetgk943 on Sep 23, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2018 by sumeetgk943

Fortnite AMD crash proof - YouTube


Fortnite was working properly without lag 60 fps..

But now after ati reason and 5.4 update of fortnite my screen freezes everytime...!!

Ctrl +alt + del doesn't work Alt f4 doesn't work

The only thing that is working is the hard shutdown button

Things that I tried to fix (but doesn't worked)

1) reinstall

2) roll back to the previous driver like 18.3.3 works for 5 min then freezes again

3) tested a stress test on GPU to check whether it's a GPU fault.. The test ended successfully without screen freeze (means GPU working properly)

4) reinstalled windows!!!! I used to play on fullscreen 60 fps but bcos of this I have used windowed mode for better optimization.



Hp laptop

Intel core i7 4702 mq (3.2 ghz)

Ati readon 8670m 2gb (driver 18.9.2 ....tested 18.3.3 and all version above )

12 gb ram

1tb hdd and win 10 64bit Plz fix this


Dxdiag attached