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    2600x or 1700x streaming


      Hi sorry if i have posted this in the wrong place.

      I am currently running a pc with an i5 7600k cpu and i get very good fps with this while gaming. The problem i have is it is trash for streaming with the x264 encoder. I am stuck between getting the Ryzen 2600x or the 1700x and need some advice.

      I will mainly be streaming ps4 via a capture card so i know both of these cpu's will be more than enough for 1080p 60fps streaming but i need a cpu that can give me good fps when i occasionally stream and game on the same pc.

      Anyone got any advice as to which 1 i should get? I am currently running with a gtx 1070 graphics card at the moment and i stream using the nvenc encoder which is not very good in quality but i want as high frames as possible when streaming and gaming on my pc.

      Any help would be appreciated. (my budget is £300 for a new cpu and motherboard)


      The thing that is swaying me towards the 2600x is you get a fan with it where as you don't with the 1700x and i am not sure my Cooler Master Hyper TX3 Evo will fit on a 1700x