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    How to include external library in kernel?


      I use a OpenCL for my operations and I already have 30 files that differ only in a couple of functions. I read about this problem on the forums and realized that before version OpenCL 2.1  i can not add my library to the kernel. Is it true? I need to use an external library in the kernel to add all the functions and use them in the main file. I have use AMD RX Vega 64. Sorry for my english.

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          I found that can add external library in the kernel, but need add path of library to cpp code. Can someone tell me, how to add clCreateProgramWithSource() in C++ with path of library?

          Thats part of my code


          std::ifstream sourceFile(name);

          std::string sourceCode(



          Program::Sources source(1, std::make_pair(sourceCode.c_str(), sourceCode.length() + 1));


          // Make program of the source code in the context

          Program program = Program(context, source);


          // Build program for these specific devices


          errcode = program.build(devices);

          if (errcode != CL_SUCCESS)


          cout << "There were error during build kernel code. Please, check program code. Errcode = " << errcode << "\n";

          cout << "BUILD LOG: " + program.getBuildInfo<CL_PROGRAM_BUILD_LOG>(devices[0]) + "\n";





          // Make kernel

          Kernel kernel(program, "vector_add");