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Dual Graphics High Performance GPU Not Activating - 18.5.1

Question asked by marinab on Sep 23, 2018
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Hello everyone,


I have Dual AMD Card A8 Radeon R5  R7 AMD 265,  my  problem is, since Adrenalin came out  my  Graphics card is not switching from R5 to R7 anymore event though i have  the game profile set to  high performance. It gives me very  bad Graphics,  Jagged edges and low Quality Images, If i  update to the   newest  driver it does switch to R5 to R7,but as soon  as i open the  Game  it crashes after  5 min  and then  about every 10 min again.  ,  if i install the  recommended Driver 18.5.1  and open the Game it says  Graphics has changed from R7 to R5 wich  gives me  low quality Images... I hope i explained it so someone can understand  and help me with this problem..


Thank You in advance!


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