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Sky Go Player and associated Cisco Video Guard issues

Question asked by tspar on Sep 23, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2018 by fxv300

Hello everyone. I have a very decent PC spec and have only one issue. This is an issue that has plagued the Sky Go Player since its introduction a few years ago. Having researched this issue to death I can only assume that it is graphics card related as the PC spec is pretty high end and my internet connection is a rock solid fibre connection. Sky Go Player uses something called ciscovideoguard which I think has an issue with my Radeon card. The picture fluctuates from perfect to unwatchable every 5 mins or so. Has anyone come across this and if so how did you fix it ?. My system has all the very latest drivers installed. With my speed of connection and up to date system there should be no issue what so ever with streaming video via the Sky Go Player?


Any suggestions much appreciated.