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AMD R9 280 and 480 Freezing and full locking PC!!!

Question asked by itsaluxy on Sep 22, 2018
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I been having this issue sense the 18.5.1 drivers, went back to the 18.3.3, still didn't work on my AMD 480 card, so I swapped back to my old 280. The 280 worked great, with no issues, or a single freeze for about 1 month on the 18.3.3 drivers. However, I took it out to update towards the new 18.9.2 drivers on my 480, and it froze again. Went back towards the 280, but now it is having the same issues, as the 480 now...I have tried everything.


Forgot to add: Watching movies, or using chrome it has crashed maybe once, in the past few days. Same context, full freeze into a lock up no sounds or anything. However, while playing it is super random. However, once it happens and a full restart is made by pressing the power button, it is more consistent.


Sometimes mouse freeze too, but unplugging it and plugging but in fixes it...idk why?




Full Clean wipe of drivers, from old to new.

Using the AMD Utility Tool.

Tired full wipe and reinstall of windows 10.

Played with power options, and SSD Options.


But nothing. It is just weird that it worked so great on the 18.3.3 for weeks without any issues, and trying it now...just results in issues. Any help would be helpful, thank you!


Screenshot - 092a93f24a2a047279fcc05084c89605 - Gyazo  (PC SPECS)