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    Power efficiency toggles (and remains) off when playing games


      I've set the power efficiency setting to on, but whenever I load up a game it toggles off (and stays off until manually toggled on again or a system reboot). I've tried both the last official release and the latest Optional installations. All other Radeon setting/Wattman/etc are all set to default. I'm not using any other software to alter GPU settings (Afterburner, etc).


      When looking up other threads about this issue, I only found a couple that are pretty old and offered no solution other than using ReLive drivers from April 2017. I did install them to test, and sure enough everything runs as it's supposed to. But I'd prefer not having to rely on drivers that are 17 months old :(.  Anyone have any insight on how I can get power efficiency to remain on with more current drivers?


      Any help is much appreciated!


      System Info:


      OS: Windows 10 64-bit

      DRIVERS: Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 18.9.2

      DISPLAY: LG 29WK500, 2560x1080 @40-75Hz Freesync

      Motherboard: GA-970a-UD3P

      CPU: FX 8320e

      PSU: Corsair RMi 650

      RAM: 8GB