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AMD Chipset SATA Controller - Error - "Unknown Event"

Question asked by tveelo on Sep 21, 2018

Dear support,

This week I "promoted" my PC to LAN-server/NAS. The machine has served me for a good many years, but now It's time for something new.

The rig now consists of:

Proc - AMD A10-5700, A series.

Mem - Kingston 8GB DDR3 1866MHz Kit, HyperX.

Board - Asus F2A85-V PRO.

Cooler - Antec H2O 620. Water cooler

Power - Seasonic P-400 Fanless 400W ATX23.

Case - CoolerMaster Silencio 650.


To create a decent NAS I added to the system:

- DeLock DeLOCK Express Card Sata II 2Port (RAID) => connected to (see next line)

- Western Digital Green, 120 GB SSD (Serial ATA/600, WDS120G2G0A)    ->    Windows 10 pro EN (Upgrade from W7)

And for the data:

- 7x Western Digital RED 4 TB (SATA 600, WD40EFRX, 24/7, AF) -> 6 disks in RAID 5  and 1 live spare


AMD Chipset SATA Controller: version 3.3.1540.26


When copying data from the backup to the RAID-set (1x 20TB data partition), from an external SATA dock, over USB 3.0, The RAIDXpert Event overview gave me 22 lines:


# Source Severity Time Description
1AMD Chipset SATA Controller - Controller 1Error2018/09/21 11:53:41Unknown Event
2AMD Chipset SATA Controller - Controller 1Error2018/09/21 11:53:41Unknown Event

... and then 20 more identical lines!


I guess you can agree with mee, this tells me nothing!

Can you please help me with:

1- What the *bleep* is happening?

2- What does this mean for my data?

3- What can I do about it?




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