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    Installing new system - what steps?


      X470 strix

      R5 1600

      2 x 8GB 3200mhz corsair

      1) So first to install windows (change SSD to GPT?), than amd chipset driver (should I use windows power plan or ryzen?) and than LAN, audio and GPU drivers. What about Asmedia USB 3.1 Driver from Asus site?

      2) After that I will OC CPU. Any advice, what option to change in BIOS? What about option Procodt to 60?


      3) After that setting memory to 3200 (3000mhz is also good, this is hynix I don`t know will it run on max frequency). Ryzen DRAM calculator? XMP? is there any goal should my latency be lower than 75ns (AIDA64 test)? Current on 2133mhz is 105ns:


      4) What program shall I use for stress test and benchmark?

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            When I built my first computer (late 1990's), I went straight to the Motherboard Manual to get instruction on how to configure the Motherboard for my needs or to the Motherboard's Support site.


            Today you can use your Manual plus the Motherboard's Support site to get all the information you are asking. Including all the updated Motherboard drivers including the CHIPSET  and BIOS and the QVL List for your CPU, RAM Memory, and Storage devices.


            Plus the Manual or the Support site sometimes gives instructions on how to create a Windows SSD drive or you can google to find out the steps needed to install Windows on a SSD.


            Normally your Motherboard comes with a DVD disc with all the basic drivers you need plus the manufacturer's apps. Need to find out if you need to use DVD Driver Disc before or after installing Windows. The Manual will advice you on this.


            The manual will show you have to install all the hardware on your motherboard correctly and how to connect the appropriate cables from the PSU to the motherboard and all other cables like Sata and M.2 devices.


            Depending on what Windows you are installing depends on the method you will use on the latest Motherboards. Especially if you are installing Windows 7 which requires some extra steps to install on some of the latest Motherboards.


            The Manual will also explain, normally, how to configure BIOS and how to update it including how to use Fan Controller and how to O.C. RAM Memory and CPU using Profiles.


            If someone wants to take the time to explain all the Step to step procedure on how to build, connect and configure your Motherboard and Windows it is up to them.


            If you get stuck on a something, then that is when you should ask for help from other Users.


            I am just replying since no one else has yet.  This is just to let you know my personal opinion about what you are asking and why I can't really help you in this case. Maybe another User can answer all your questions.

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            Probably better to ask your questions in this section Processors

            Have you read the QRG/User Guide from https://www.amd.com/en/technologies/ryzen-master

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