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gpu freeze on every game after 20-40 seconds

Question asked by joe7770 on Sep 20, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2018 by elstaci


I got a new build , ASUS H370 Tuf Pro Gaming wifi, mother board, 16 GB ram. Clean install windows 10 and install all drivers.

I have card ASUS hd-7770-2gb GHz edition. It was working fine on my previous  intel core2dou with win 7. I installed it in my new pc. ASUS website do not have driver for this card for win 10. SO I downloaded latest drivers from amd website and installed. Desktop works fine but if I start any game it started and works fine for  20-40 seconds then game freezes. Desktop still worked. I can terminate the game from Taskmanger. I also run Furmark but same thing happened that it freezes after few seconds. I have tried few old versions of amd drivers 15,x , 17,x 18.x but same problem in every driver. Windows is updated and have latest updates and patches.

GPU temp remains under 60-65 Centigrade during this time when it crashes.

Please help if anyone know how to solve it.