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[LINUX][E8860][OpenGL][FireGL]My aplication can't render with FireGL

Question asked by alara on Sep 20, 2018
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I'm developing an interface with openGL, and now don't work. In the develop I was using generic drivers in ubuntu that use Mesa with OpenGL, and all render perfectly, but when I install my E8860 and install the drivers, It don't work.


On screen is not error message or stop working my aplication, just the render is not working. For example, If I draw an quad (it's a 2D application) the 4 vertex move and don't render a quad. I think that this move is random, because in all the elements to draw just change the vertex of some of them.


I notice that when the aplication work, It use Mesa, and when not, It use FireGL. With nvidia GPU and drivers this dosen't happend and It render fine.


the openGL version that I'm using is 3.3 and ubuntu 14.04.2 (as need AMD drivers)


thank you.