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2990WX PBO settings? HWinfo core package power or core power reading?

Question asked by danielray on Sep 19, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2018 by misterj

I'm trying to find good settings for the 2990WX with the X399 MSI MEG Creation. I had a few questions.


What is a general setting for PPT, EDC, and TDC? I am trying to stay at 3.8 ghz but I want it lower than 500W. With PBO set to enabled and Scalar set to 2X multiplier, I get 500W power draw for some reason. This was with the CPU Package Power reading not the CPU Core Power reading. As I raise the multiplier I get better performance but still with around 500 CPU Package Power.


Should I be using Precision Boost Scalar multiplier along with a manual setting of PPT, EDC, and TDC? Or should I leave scalar on auto? I don't understand MSI's explanation of the Scalar. I'm guessing I have to use manual settings and adjust the scalar multiplier to get lower than 500W power draw at 3.8 ghz but not sure.


How can I calculate my EDC, and TDC if I want to set my PPT to lets say...420?


Which readings should I be using to read the correct PPT in HWinfo64? I think it is the CPU Package Power but not sure.


Please any help would be appreciated. There is not a lot of data or guides for this motherboard. Thanks.