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    2990WX PBO settings? HWinfo core package power or core power reading?


      I'm trying to find good settings for the 2990WX with the X399 MSI MEG Creation. I had a few questions.


      What is a general setting for PPT, EDC, and TDC? I am trying to stay at 3.8 ghz but I want it lower than 500W. With PBO set to enabled and Scalar set to 2X multiplier, I get 500W power draw for some reason. This was with the CPU Package Power reading not the CPU Core Power reading. As I raise the multiplier I get better performance but still with around 500 CPU Package Power.


      Should I be using Precision Boost Scalar multiplier along with a manual setting of PPT, EDC, and TDC? Or should I leave scalar on auto? I don't understand MSI's explanation of the Scalar. I'm guessing I have to use manual settings and adjust the scalar multiplier to get lower than 500W power draw at 3.8 ghz but not sure.


      How can I calculate my EDC, and TDC if I want to set my PPT to lets say...420?


      Which readings should I be using to read the correct PPT in HWinfo64? I think it is the CPU Package Power but not sure.


      Please any help would be appreciated. There is not a lot of data or guides for this motherboard. Thanks.