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Need help fix the location of CCC Start up

Question asked by magnus7 on Sep 19, 2018

Hi there,


I am using Catalyst Control Center version 2011.0930.2209.37895. My OS is Win 7 Ultimate x64 bit.


Every time i start up CCC, the window appears at one of several random areas on my screen- never permanently at one place. I would like to lock it to one default co-ord/location, every single time i start CCC up, and was wondering where i can modify this or what changes in a config file i can do to fix this.


- For my purpose, i do not wish to update or upgrade to another CCC version.

- I do not wish to accomplish this via running a 3rd party or separate utility.

- if the position of the CCC window cannot be fixed, pls. let me know how i can get windows to remember it's sizing and last window position EVERY TIME.


thanks in advance.