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WX4100 Pro - 4k on 2x2 Videowall

Question asked by anthonh on Sep 19, 2018
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We are trying to configure a video wall using a WX4100 Pro with 4x 55" TVs with 4k.


Two monitors are connected via the included mini displayport adapters and the other two are directly connected through mini displayport to HDMI. All cables have support for 4k in 30Hz.


The maximum resolutions we getting is 4k over all monitors, we want 4k on each. We don't even get 4k when we are using a single monitor. If we connect a laptop via displayport to HDMI it works right away with 4k. We have also been trying to get higher resolution with different Hz settings and Eyefinity.


According to this datasheets we should be able to run 4x 4k in 60Hz.


The computer is running Windows 10 with the latest AMD drivers. What have we missed?


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