Club 3D HD 6970 Crossfire Problem

Discussion created by jupiter on Sep 19, 2018

I installed 2 x Club 3D HD 6970 (2GB) graphics cards in Crossfire Modus on an Asus Sabertooth Motherboard with AMD 8350 4GHz CPU. I tried several AMD Software: 15.7.1 WHQL or Crimson Edition 16.2.1 Beta, and also tried with the latest version of Crymson! The Problem is as follows: I can not find via Setting and Advanced Settings to put the Crossfire Modus at: ON !!

I can not find this option anywhere !! I watched Videos on Youtube that show under Settings how to set crossfire on: ON, but the Software I mentioned above do not allow me to start this option, in fact I can not find anywhere the solution to put Crossfire on: ON.You can also see on photos that the PC works with 1 graphic card (or am I wrong?You can see on german:Adapter deaktiviert= Adapter Disabled..?!).
Please can anyone tell me how I can put this damn Crossfire Modus on: ON !!! Finally, the Graphics Cards each have 2 Crossfire Bridge connection slots, both of which are connected via 2 Crossfire Bridge. HELP PLEASE

Question. AMD have no Support Forum on German Language?