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Cannot run Frame Profiler with Vega 56 for a DirectX11 app

Question asked by vilbeyli on Sep 18, 2018
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I'm developing a C++/DirectX11 application on a Ryzen7/Vega 56 platform. GPUPerfStudio is having trouble identifying my GPU and I don't know how to troubleshoot this.


When I attach to my application and pause for frame analysis and select
- Frame Debugger: I don't get any timing data and an error message of not supported hardware hence timers are not available.
- Frame Profiler: hardware not supported - cannot display anything.


Checking the server logs, I see the following error.

In case image cannot be displayed:
> Error: PID: 5744  TID: 10024  Common: GPA: Unrecognized device ID.

> Error: PID: 5744  TID: 10024  Common: GPA: desiredGeneration is GDT_HW_GENERATION_NONE.

> Error: PID: 5744  TID: 10024  Common: Unable to enable selected counters: Hardware not supported


What do I need to do for the GPUPerfStudio to recognize my Vega 56?