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2200g atikmpag.sys BSOD in CSGO

Question asked by anocelot on Sep 17, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2018 by anocelot

Hi all,

Ive been using a 2200G to play CSGO and it keeps blue screening after a while with the error VIDEO TDR FAILIURE in the file atikmpag.sys


System Specs

Ryzen 3 2200G

Vega 8 iGpu

Asrock x470 taichi

WD 1tb 7200rpm hdd

Corsair 550w bronze psu



Windows 10 1803

Radeon 18.5.1, 18.8.1, 18.9.1


I initially tried 18.8.1, but after a few blue screens I used DDU and installed 18.5.1. There were still some bsod so I upgraded back to 18.8.1, and earlier today I used the clean install option when upgrading to 18.9.1 but it keeps bsod. I also tried using DISM and SFC from the troubleshooting article but still no luck, CSGO keeps causing a bsod.


I had a 3.9ghz overclock but recently changed it back to 3.7ghz but CSGO will still cause a bsod. Strangely I have had no problem with league of legends at any time, and that is the only other game I play. Last night I ran memtest and after 6 passes 0 errors were found, so im not exactly sure what can be causing this.


I keep CSGO at minimum settings, 1024x768 stretched via monitor settings. Everything in Radeon settings is kept at default.