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    1800x only showing 4 cores 8 threads


      Was checking things to make sure everything was working ok. Only built this system about a week ago.  Noticed that windows only detects 4 cores and 8 logical processors, it should be double that for both numbers if i am not mistaken.  As of this post i am going to set the bios settings to default and see it that fixes the issue. 

      Any insight would be very useful, also could it be a bad mount on the socket? This is my first build and i'm rather new to computers.


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          mrmpman, I suspect you did not do a fresh install of Windows.  Please do a fresh install and let us know if that helps.  If not, then tell us much, much more about your build and we will try to help.  Enjoy, John.

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              Everything on the computer is new, including the windows copy. Would you still suggest resetting windows?

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                  mrmpman, if you modified nothing in UEFI or via Ryzen Master (RM), then this makes no sense.  Please do as I asked and post all you system specifications.  Until we know about your system, I can recommend nothing!  Enjoy, John.


                  EDIT: Please run Ryzen Master (RM) and post a screenshot.

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                      Processor: Ryzen 7 1800x

                      Motherboard: ASRock Fatal1ty x370 Gaming X

                      RAM: Single module of 8 gigs, Corsair Value Select

                      GPU: Currenly only 1050 TI

                      Operating system: Windows 10 Home


                      I have fiddled with nothing in the bios, however i have messed with Ryzen Master but only an overclock and as far as disabling cores that option has never been avaliable to me through the software. Its always been greyed and can't seem to change that. 


                      Id much rather not wipe it it would take a very long time to reupdate windows and install games again and i would like to prevent that as much as possible. If no other suggestions can be thought of then i am willing to do so but preferably only as a last resort

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                          mrmpman, where did you get your copy of W10 and is it 32 or 64 bit?  It should be 64 Bit.  If you go to the Windows Media Creation site and tell it to create a USB stick for installation, it will write the setup files on a 4 GB - 8GB USB stick.  The W10 will be at the latest update.  Boot this stick and install W10, be sure to select the  Home version.  If it ask for a key, tell it you do not have one (Check box on lower left).  Please format your C: disk and do not worry about your applications until we sort this cores problem.  You can run RM but do not change anything.  Thanks and enjoy, John.

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                            Sometime updating the BIOS to the latest versions may help in showing the correct amount of CPU Cores: ASRock > Fatal1ty X370 Gaming X

                            4.902018/8/298.16MBInstant FlashHow to Update1.Update PinnaclePI-AM4_1.0.0.4
                            2.Keep the XMP setting after system restoring from G3 state.
                            * If the current BIOS version is older than P3.50, please update BIOS to P3.50(Bridge BIOS) before updating this version.
                            Global China


                            Sometimes if you don't use compatible RAM MEMORY from the Motherboard's QVL list can also cause issues: ASRock > Fatal1ty X370 Gaming X .


                            Here is a list of all Corsair compatible RAM MEMORY for your Motherboard from Asrock QVL List:


                            DDR4Corsair300029338GBCMD32GX4M4B3000C15 (Hynix-M)SS2v
                            DDR4Corsair280028004GBCMK16GX4M4A2800C16 see 5.29SS2
                            DDR4Corsair280028004GBCMK16GX4M4A2800C16 see 4.23SS2
                            DDR4Corsair266626668GBCMK32GX4M4A2666C16 see 5.30SS2/4
                            DDR4Corsair266626668GBCMD32GX4M4A2666C15 ver4.23DS2/4
                            DDR4Corsair240024008GBCMK16GX4M2Z2400C16 see: 3.31SS2
                            DDR4Corsair213321338GBCMK16GX4M2A2666C16 see: 5.29HynixSS2


                            Also you can always try to activate all the CPU Cores thru Windows as follow:


                            Press Windows Key + s from the keyboard->type msconfig->Click on Boot->Advanced Options->Check on Number of Processors->Now select the Processor that you want to activate->Click on Apply->OK.




                            Also check your BIOS and see if you can activate all CPU Cores.


                            Found this old AMD Forum Thread with the same exact problem with similar Motherboard and CPU: 1800x, Ryzen master showing 4 cores disabled and I cant enable them, is the software wrong?


                            Ryzen Master can also deactivate or activate your CPU Cores. If you have Ryzen Master installed set it to "Default" by "Reset" box and see if all your cores are showing activated.