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firepro w600 ubuntu 16.04

Question asked by juancarlos on Sep 18, 2018
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I'm trying to install the amdgpu-pro driver on a fresh ubuntu 16.04 install.


amdgpu version:






I get the following error:


Setting up amdgpu-core (18.20-621984) ...

Setting up amdgpu-dkms (18.20-621984) ...

Loading new amdgpu-18.20-621984 DKMS files...

First Installation: checking all kernels...

Building only for 4.15.0-34-generic

Building for architecture x86_64

Building initial module for 4.15.0-34-generic

Error! Bad return status for module build on kernel: 4.15.0-34-generic (x86_64)

Consult /var/lib/dkms/amdgpu/18.20-621984/build/make.log for more information.


I pasted the log file here:


amd firepro ubuntu 16.04 -


I'm following this:

FirePro™ W600 Drivers & Support | AMD


and this:

Radeon Software for Linux Installation | AMD


Can you help me with the issue? thx.