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Update windows drivers AMD Vega 56/64 - Bootcamp

Question asked by ppb on Sep 16, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2018 by ppb

I have a iMac Pro with a graphic card AMD Vega 56. I have to work with windows 10 (bootcamp) because I do 3D work on this machine and really have some issues like crashes and I think it are the drivers of my graphic card. The drivers are from 2017 (version 17.50) . When I go to your AMD website for the latest drivers of the normal Windows 10 they are on version 18.9.1. A lot higher and more developed...


Why are the drivers for bootcamp not updated? Please update the drivers at AMD or Apple. A lot of people choose this machine for graphic work and don't wat to stay behind


My drivers for this card are:


Driver Packaging Version 17.50.24-180213a-324589C. This is the original version that comes with bootcamp installation


PS. Strange thing happend at AMD. I saw at AMD they changed a few days ago the date for version 17.50 from 11-2017 to this the way AMD?