Recommendations Choosing A Render Workstation

Discussion created by socieoc on Sep 15, 2018
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Hey guys. I am currently in the process of creating my own architectural 3D Render / Animation business. I am pretty new in relation to understanding the specs of render workstations and I am very confused as to the specs that I will need for a fluid work experience. I was thinking of getting one of the Ryzen Threadripper models as the performance V price seems to be pretty reasonable compared to other competitors. I was just wondering if anyone who is experienced in this field could give me a good recommendation on which model to purchase or maybe if another competitors model might be more suitable. Also, is there a lot of work in assembling these workstations as I have no prior experience of assembling computers & feel I might damage it in the process?


My workflow is usually, Autocad -> Sketchup -> 3ds Max -> V-Ray -> Photoshop -> Premier Pro -> After Effects.


During my workflow I could have a number of tabs with different programmes running simultaneously.


If anyone has any useful knowledge or recommendations I would be greatly appreciate it.