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2nd moniter wont get detected by windows with gigabyte Rx560

Question asked by blu3jay on Sep 14, 2018

card: GIGABYTE 4G OC rev2.0 rx 560


Windows 64bit


amd software adrenalin-edition-18.8.2-aug27


Two monitors:

Sceptre 1080 monitor 75hz (hdmi to hdmi port)

generic apex 720 monitor (vga to dvi adapter) <-----the monitor that wont get signal


board: asus a320m-k


Cpu: Ryzen 3 2200G


Psu:500w evga


Ram: 8gb ddr4


I have tried everything to get my 2nd monitor to work. i just had it running fine this morning and then when i restarted my computer the card wouldnt output to my 2nd monitor.

i tried unistalling and reinstalling the drivers several times.

the 2nd monitor has no problems and works fine on its own