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switchable graphics black screen

Question asked by slimjay on Sep 14, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2018 by kingfish

hello i have a hp pavilion dv6-6157ea when i changed from windows 7 to 10 i got 2 problem with the switchable graphics the first is the new amd graphics drive changed from a 6740m to 7400m witch i dont mind i herd it dosnt matter anyway (intel stays at its original hd 3000) but the other problem is when at anytime when i restart the laptop, just before the spining of the circle the system takes 5 mins start, i have try uninstallng reinstalling i tried every driver on the internet even the original nothing works ive even reinstalled the os multipull times but nothing happens its a pain to wait so long for it to start some please help sorry if im in the wrong place