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Radeon HD 7600M Looking For The Latest AMD Display Drivers To Use Photoshop Brushes

Question asked by ricardojrs on Sep 14, 2018
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I am facing this great deal of uncertanty on what is happening on my Photoshop software. I cannot use certain brush presets on the software that i mentioned. Having noticed that, i immediatly contacted ADOBE costumer support, and after a while investigating my specific situation, they asked me to send them, a NFO file from my PC. After that, they also asked me to check the version of my software, in order to deliberate if my AMD Graphics, is compatible with the software version. They concluded that my AMD graphics is not updated accordingly to the software, so they advised me to update my AMD graphics Drivers. I can't find the specific driver that i need to update in the Drivers Section Download.

I honestly don't know how am i going to solve this, i don't even know if i most likely going to have to by a new one.


My Drivers info -  AMD Radeon HD 7600M Series com os drivers 15.201.1151.1008


I appreciate all the help.


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