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RADEON Tech Group - 3rd anniv: GIFT for COMMUNITY :)

Question asked by argentium on Sep 13, 2018
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GREETINGS, RED TEAM & AMD / Radeon afficionados!


I've procrastinated joining long enough...  Now I want to GIVE YOU ALL just a *_little_* something, to say "Hi! I'm new; and I look forward to Contributing Positively."


So, I'd been browsing for suitably-dark wallpapers (I like to not "over-tax" my slightly-ageing 39" SAMSUNG TV which is my 2nd screen via HDMI), and I'd come across the 1st anniv/b'day RTG (wp? .. from a couple years ago!), during this summer...


.. and I got bored enough one day, I juggled it about (keeping it the same (odd!) size, though: 1030x539) and made something...


Radeon 180900 RTG 3rdAnniv my1030x539.jpg


Happy (belated, a bit!) 3rd Anniversary, RADEON TECHNOLOGIES GROUP / "RTG" 


PS - I don't have grand "PhotoShop skillz"; I just used *koff*MS-Paint*koff*..!!     (No, seriously; that's just a Paint job.)


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