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    RX 480 Driver Issues


      Hello,I have an issue with your new drivers (from 18.7.1 to 18.9.1) Every time I update my GPU drivers my PC froze in 5 different games and now i have the version 18.6.1 because it's the most stable for my 480. I tried the versions 18.7.1 18.8.1 18.8.2 18.9.1 but in all 4 my PC froze only with 18.6.1 works better but every time I had to clean uninstall and reistall drivers. Now after the uninstall of 18.9.1 and reinstall of 18.6.1 I noticed that in 2 games my PC sometimes freeze (not always like it did with the other versions) So here are my questions: First, are you ever going to make a new version of the Radeon Driver compatible with my RX 480 without crashing my whole PC ???
      Second, Is there anything that I can do to stop the freezes and crashes of my games??

      My Whole System:

      CPU: I5 7500

      RAM: 12 GB


      MOBO: ASUS Prime B250M-K

      Windows: 10 PRO

      (The games that I mentioned are: Nier Automata , Paladins , Fortnite , PC Building Simulator , Slime Rancher)

      (I still have issues with Nier Automata and Paladins after reinstalling 18.6.1)

      (All those problems started after updating from 18.6.1 to 18.7.1 before that I had no issues)