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RX 480 Driver Issues

Question asked by panivirusgr on Sep 14, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2018 by georges

Hello,I have an issue with your new drivers (from 18.7.1 to 18.9.1) Every time I update my GPU drivers my PC froze in 5 different games and now i have the version 18.6.1 because it's the most stable for my 480. I tried the versions 18.7.1 18.8.1 18.8.2 18.9.1 but in all 4 my PC froze only with 18.6.1 works better but every time I had to clean uninstall and reistall drivers. Now after the uninstall of 18.9.1 and reinstall of 18.6.1 I noticed that in 2 games my PC sometimes freeze (not always like it did with the other versions) So here are my questions: First, are you ever going to make a new version of the Radeon Driver compatible with my RX 480 without crashing my whole PC ???
Second, Is there anything that I can do to stop the freezes and crashes of my games??

My Whole System:

CPU: I5 7500

RAM: 12 GB


MOBO: ASUS Prime B250M-K

Windows: 10 PRO

(The games that I mentioned are: Nier Automata , Paladins , Fortnite , PC Building Simulator , Slime Rancher)

(I still have issues with Nier Automata and Paladins after reinstalling 18.6.1)

(All those problems started after updating from 18.6.1 to 18.7.1 before that I had no issues)