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R9 280 overheating, fan not speeding up

Question asked by rvotri on Sep 13, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2018 by rvotri

After playing for a few minutes my R9 reaches high temperatures and its fans won't speed up more than 40%.
This cause a lot of lag and freezes, even a green stripe in the middle of the screen happened a few days ago.


I can manually change the FAN speed in HWinfo app to any speed (even 100%), and the temperature drops very fast even playing, MSI afterburner, also, do the trick... BUT i just want to AMD do it by itself because it always did before.

This is causing lots of problems...


This started suddenly...

My system was never Overclocked, my drivers are up to date (as the image 4 and 5 shows) and I even tried to download other driver versions.



Image 1 - this is normal usage, without playing any game.

Image 2 - Playing without interact with FAN control

Image 3 - Playing, but setting FAN to 100% speed