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    Forza Horizon 3 stuttersssssssss


      I know its a very old topic, people have been saying this for so long. But seriously? No one knows how to fix it? The game stutters for me after playing about maybe 1 hour and the stutter continues until the game crashes and goes into a black screen with a buzzing sound. This is totally driving me insane. I am forced to play it at 30 fps locked as the game is very demanding, and thats why i keep the setting at high. My pc is:


      Intel g4560 @ 3.5 GHz

      8GB DDR4 corsair vengeance RAM

      gigabyte RX 560 4gb OC edition

      MSI pro series 110 motherboard

      Antec PSU @ 550W


      And using the Radeon metrics, I have seen that the gpu usage is at 50 percent when this stuttering occurs. If anyone knows how to fix this damn issue please let me know. And I pray that the next Forza horizon 4 won't be so terribly optimized (is forza horizon 3 really badly optimised?)


      Really appreciate any help. Thanks