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Help Please Cant get into Windows . Weird screen glitch.

Question asked by mysticware on Sep 11, 2018
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Cant even get into Windows . The problem comes in once i try to install latest version of radeon software for my gpu and it prompts me to restŕart my computer. The computer will boot up, windows logo will come up and a loading symbol is shown , then the screen will go black flash once or twice and a wierd rectangle of white static looking blocks will appear on the screen . The computer will then try to restart and this whole process will begin again

My specs are as follows:

Ryzen 5 1400

16GB ddr4 ram (2 x 8GB )

Gigabyte Radeon RX550 2GB

500W Raidmax power supply

Asrock a320m-hdv motherboard

Windows 10 64bit Home


I have tried to fully reinstall windows which allows me to boot into windows 10 . I am then prompted to get graphics drivers which i download from the AMD site (i have tried all different versions of the intstaller all give me the same result) once the drivers and software is installed i am then prompted to restart my pc after which the above mentioned problem happens again.


I have also tried formatting drives DDU software ...


Please help!

Ps.the image at the top is the weird screen glitch i was talking about