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Ryzen 5 2400G and dedicated graphics card x370 and B450 motherboards

Question asked by cretsiah on Sep 11, 2018

the reason for these discussion points is to be able to get to gaming quickly with the ability to get the rest of the components relative soon.

and i hope people understand my post .


as im not from America the quoted $500-700 budget build systems are $1500-2500 in my country.


Ok the info i have, dont know that it is correct though.


from various sources such as you tube and game-debate.

Ryzen 5 2400G could range from a 2GB - 6GB video card (if the board uses vega 11 graphics with HBM 2)

small print analysis.


what i am not sure on or dont quite fully understand with the Ryzen 5 2400 APG is what happens to the gpu component of this chip (ie does it become an idle core or does it add to the CPU processing power once a dedicated graphics card is put in).


  • if you add a seperate graphics card (for instance the MSI Twin Frozr VI Radeon RX470 8GB GDDR5 or equivalent)
  • does the graphics component of this chip become expandable with the more ram you put in. (ie if i was to drop 32Gig of ram in would i be able to have an intergrated 8G graphics card rather than buy a seperate card?


ie with point 2 above

**If (with probably wishful/ hopeful thinking) however

ryzen 5 2400G takes or defaults to 2GB as a baseline for graphics can it then add say another 2GB (or more) from the ram pool, if a game requires a minimum of 4GB to get the right spec needs (or close to), and then on closing game down releases the extra 2GB (or more) back to the system.

ok the resolution/ shaders and what not might not as great as a dedicated card, BUT it would give me the chance to a) start playing, b) save for that extra ram + dedicated card.


The next problem is the 8 vs 16 lane issue with dedicated 8Gig graphics card.

if i understand correctly:

if we put in the ryzen 5 2400G we lose 8 lanes on the External graphics port, this could be a bit of a problem if the 8GB card requires 16 lanes. My only solution to this without buying a dedicated cpu only chip is to buy a motherboard with 2 Graphics card ports of 16 lanes, but i dont know which ones they would be,and it would mean running the external graphics card in the second port because the first one has been slashed in half by the AGP processor.


as much as i enjoy some of Linus Tech Tips (is 8gig ram enough in 2018) , he sometimes appears to omit or forget about those of us with dedicated graphics cards.

For those of you who have read followed my other posts in reference to my sons computer specs you will understand what i mean, for those who havent. here you go:

My sons Specs:

Processor: AMD FX 8320 Eight-Core Black Edition CPU 3.5GHZ

Memory: 32 GB RAM 1600mhz DDR3 (27% free)

MotherBoard: Gigabyte GA-970A -D3P


Now Primary: MSI TwinFrozr vi Radeon RX470 8G GDDR5 (requires min 4Gig recommended 8gig system ram to run, says it on box)

secondary (origonal NVidea Ge Force GTX 740 2Gig): GeForce GTX 740 2Gig


Sample of normal apps running: (ie constantly running)

Win10  = 2gig ram (if you believe them usually when windows updates the requirements get worse)

Main External Graphics card requirement = 8 gig (this is the Twin Frozr)

Secondary External Graphics card requirement = ?? (this is GTX 740)

Discord = ??

Steam + game = usually only given with game references so you can probably easily attribute 8-10gig of ram (not including one of the foroza racing games)

Opera Browser = 1-5 tabs ??( unsure on win10 but on my win7 system its using almost 2gig)

Norton Security suite (2 gig ram, although it usually has grab any spare/ excess ram component)

other background junk unsure

total system ram being used = 23.6 Gig


** if the ryzen 5 2400G works this way, then i can for the short term at least drop an 8gig ram requirement. and possibly get away with running 16gig of ram.