Help resolving graphics card problem (scan/interlace?)

Discussion created by astralgram on Sep 10, 2018
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Im sorry to have to post on the forum but as a last resort I have no other options in this regard.

Thank you in advance for any advice or help.


So I have a AMD Radeon 4350 512mb graphics card installed in a Windows 7.

I installed it around a few months ago and it worked perfectly since then

Then I was essentially tricked into loading fake AMD drivers onto my computer,

after loading said drivers, my graphics card has exhibited a problem and nothing Ive tried has fixed it.


The problem is when I set my monitor in the required low resolution 640x480 @60hz there is a visible interlace bar that scrolls down the screen every 10 seconds or so.

it looks like this 14102_14_1.jpg


before installing those horrid drivers, the interlace/scan bar was not visible as it is in this illustration. But now it is visible to the naked eye, and it is very annoying and has ruined my computer basically.


So, what Ive done to try to fix the problem?

I first tried to reinstall the original drivers from OEM disc, the problem remained.

Then I tried reinstalling the windows 7 OS, problem remained

so I deleted the HD partitions and reinstalled a few more times, trying to make sure no driver files or such remained.

Removed the graphics card, reinstalled OS, then reinstalled graphics card. Problem still remains : (

Then I tried to uninstall the driver and reinstall the driver manually from the disc,

The drivers I have to choose from are "Drivers/W7_INF/CL_95867" or "W7_INF/CW_95867" or "W7_INF/B_95228" although the B directory just contains .dl or .sys files.

I tried both the cl and cw .inf files and the problem remained. Really frustrated that nothing has worked.

I believe the catalyst disc version is 10.3? which was included with the card.


Do I need to flash the gpu bios?


1 bit of information that might be helpful or insightful is that the drivers that I was tricked into installing were actually for windows xp it turns out.

The drivers .exe was executed in compatibility mode. The drivers were mimicking amd drivers. The drivers in question are "CRTEmuDriver 1.2b". I would advise against installing any of those drivers, but looking at the .ini files in the archive might give some insight as to what its done or where its stored the horrid fake drivers.



As Ive tried everything I could think of the only thing I havent yet tried is flashing the bios for the gpu.

I didnt think (and hoped not) that the bogus drivers could have been flashed to the gpu, but its either that or the low-res mode on this is fried?

If I do need to flash the gpu bios, how would I go about doing so?


Also, whenever I try to set the resolution, when I choose 640x480 @60hz, if I close the resolution option window, if I reopen it, it has switched it to 59hz.

So somehow its locked it into this refresh ? : (


Any advice is greatly appreciated, and again Im sorry to have to make this thread, but I dont know what else to do other than throwing the gpu away.

Thank you.