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AMD Display Driver : Failed (to install)

Question asked by pnkye on Sep 10, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2018 by pnkye

Hello, 2018!

I am still struggling to install a proper display driver on my 2011 laptop. 

HP Probook 4530s / i3 sandy bridge / 4gb / ssd /  AMD 6470M + Intel 3000 / win 10 pro


I had issues with switchable graphics since day 1.

All the official AMD installer packages gave me some hard times (especially on win 8/8.1 and 10) when it came to:

1. either booting (long 1-2 minutes booting lag

2.(almost daily) random (resetting) black screens which ended with taskbar notifications like "AMD driver stopped working".

I tried all the possible Windows settings options. Forcing the performance mode on my laptop in all areas (I don't care about battery since is dead and I am always plugged in).

Still nada.

So I decided to stay without the switchable graphics (only Intel 3000 installed and the AMD was randomized by windows) and everything went smooth in booting and random small tasks.


Until today when I decided to give it a try and research again.

After installing the 15.7 Catalyst Software Suite I found out that the AMD Driver is not being recognized so a proper display driver cannot be installed , even though the Catalyst Software was installed successfully.

That is when I noticed in Device Manager that instead of Microsoft Virtual Display Adapter (How I left it some time ago), the AMD dirver is named LumononCore indirect display adapter.


Few digs later I found this: (post about Leshcat’s Catalyst 15.7 WHQL UnifL) and decided to give it a try since the official (Catalyst) is not working and a lot of issues seem to emerge while using it.

Uninstalled the drivers from device manager.

I did a proper cleanup with DDU 18 in safemode also.

Installed the Leshcat’s Catalyst 15.7 WHQL UnifL 1.2 without creating a restore point (just like the fix mentioned in the link above)

Intel 3000 is properly installed (version from 2015 vs 2016 done by w10 initially, but no problem)


AMD says:

Existing packages
AMD Catalyst Install Manager
Packages for install
AMD Display Driver
Final Status:Fail
Version of Item:15.200.1046.0000
Size:90 Mbytes
AMD Catalyst Install Manager
Final Status:Success
Version of Item:8.0.916.0
Size:20 Mbytes

Other detected devices

Error messages
Driver Install: the specified driver package was not installed for matching devices


So far, in Device Manager, the (what was supposed to be) AMD display adapter is now under "other devices" with LumononCore Indirect Display Adapter


Please help me with a solution.


Thank you