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Can't log into AMD rewards site

Question asked by dallasg on Sep 10, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2019 by endy307

SO like many I see, I am having issues logging into the rewards site, first time i've bought a new GFX card in a while, was excited to get email from seller telling me i'd be getting rewards/games, so I clicked the link, went to page, after clicking "get yours" I was taken to a page of where to buy stuff that was eligible for the free games, so got nowhere, did some google-fu and found forums, a few links to the AMD rewards site, so I registered and got email, clicked verify, got to login page, clicked login and get message saying "this email is not registered" or something along those lines, so I sent a ticket to the helpdesk and am awaiting a reply, but coming here I see many haven't got a satisfactory response, one member after 20 days or something, so this is ridiculous, I mean I get this involves over $100 in games(actually have no idea what retail would be) but is there hope, has anyone been though this and come out the other side being able to log in and register for the future games or am I just wasting time, also i'm in Australia, kind of hoping it's not region locked, becasue then i'd be pretty mad, might have to resort to my old ways of getting games, uncle torrence.


Edit - Ok so on a whim I caved and used edge, shudder, to try again, didn't work, made new account, another email, mine of course,  and it actually worked, it was a struggle, asked for email code, which there was no easily identifiable one, then asked for phone code, which I had, and finally I could actually login, of course now I have to use my other email, and actually remember when AC and the other one comes out, but it worked, just way too much hassle for some games I might play, AC probably, the other 2 I have literally never heeard of.


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