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Black Screen and atidxx64.dll Crash

Question asked by fivefootseventeen on Sep 10, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2018 by dastre84

My system:

Motherboard:GIGABYTE GA-Z270XP-SLI

CPU: Intel i5-7600K Kaby Lake 3.8 GHz

GPU: AMD RX 460 4Gb

     - GPU running at 50C

Memory: 16Gb DDR4

Power Supply 750W

Display Driver: 18.8.2

Dual monitors using both HDMI and DVI output


I have been having a problem for a while now where I'll be creating something in Unity and both of my monitors will go black. Usually this only happens when I am working in Unity or Blender but it has occasionally happened when playing games. I've tried several "black screen of death" fixes such as checking for virtual monitors and plugging my monitor into the motherboard's HDMI output vs. the GPU's. A few days ago I was sick of dealing with this so I reformatted my hard drive and installed the newest AMD drivers for my card. I still get the same results but now when running Unity I only get the BSoD every once and a while. Sometimes when running Unity it just crashes and I submit an error report. A Unity customer service rep contacted me from one of the error reports I submitted and said that there was an issue with the atidxx64.dll file which is part of the AMD driver. I have the most recent driver (and have been having this problem with previous ones) and a fresh install so there can be no complications with previous installs. I'm pretty stuck at this point and don't know what to do from here and I'd appreciate any help!