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AMD E1-6010 APU R2 Graphics--so slow that it cannot even support simple web browsing?

Question asked by kintis on Sep 10, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2018 by black_zion

I have a laptop with an AMD E1-6010 APU R2 Graphics, which is terribly slow, to the point of not being able to handle simple web browsing (CPU Usage goes to 100% with a single tab open). Updated drivers, clean-installed Windows, then switched to Linux. No difference. I then ran both a Lenovo and a PC Doctor diagnostic (attached), which found no errors. I then ran a CPU benchmark test from (also attached). What's worrying is that the benchmark test says "With an extremely low single core score, this CPU can barely handle email and light web browsing" This despite the fact that CPU is "Performing way above expectations (92 percentile)" and GPU is "Performing above expectations (72 percentile)". Could it be that this processor is of such low quality, that even if performing way above expectations, it can still barely handle email and light web browsing?