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drivers keep crashing for nba 2k19

Question asked by barcodeuser21 on Sep 9, 2018

I have an AMD RX 480 and an i5 7400k, everything is up to date but my drivers keep crashing when I'm playing nba 2k19, it also happened during the later stages of 2k18 but I stopped caring. But now I'm trying to play Nba2k19 and my drivers are constantly crashing or shutting down or something. My screen just turns black, sometimes it restores itself but my game completely crashes and sometimes it just completely black screens and i'd have to forcefully shut down my computer. Can anyone help me please?


EDIT: I think i might've found the problem, I think its just overheating, my GPU temp was at 79 C, but i Don't understand why it only happens with 2k NBA Games and not like Monster Hunter World and CSGO and World of Warcraft and stuff...