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18.8.2 - Issues with Doom Performance + Res Scaling

Question asked by dave_g on Sep 9, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2018 by dave_g

Noticed quite a large drop in performance with 18.8.2 on Doom in Ultra settings on my RX 560. Usually I play at 1080p with 80% res scaling (so rendering basically around 900p) and am able to run at 60fps 98% of the time with just a few drops. While I haven't played Doom in a while so this may have occurred with an earlier optional update, when I booted it back up recently with the same settings as usual I was getting drastically lower performance in Ultra settings - ~40fps in some scenes, particularly with transparent windows. At high it's closer to before. Did a clean re-install of the 8.2 drivers, no difference. So downgraded to 18.5.1 - bam, performance in Ultra mode back to what I expected at 60fps.


As well, this isn't particular to 18.8.2, but has always seemed to be an issue - resolution scaling in Doom only works with specific numbers, such as 80%. Trying to set a scale above/below that results in either large black sections, or coloured lights around the interface. If this works it would be ideal as I could probably do 1080p at 90% on high and get the same performance, but it's not an option - 80% is the first drop where the graphics don't go wonky, so I put up with the blurriness and at least can choose Ultra settings.


Then again perhaps resolution scaling wouldn't even be necessary if Adaptive V-sync worked as well...