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so....i bought a acer nitro 5 an515-42 laptop and the cpu runs at 100%.

Question asked by slayer071680 on Sep 8, 2018
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i shut off as many programs as possible. still has issues. so i installed windows on a secondary ssd. so far it doesn't run at 100% but the problem is there is no drivers i can download. the laptop has a ryzen 2500u w/vega 8 gpu and an rx 560x gpu. there is no driver i can find for this combo, let alone for the 560x. i tried dl'ing regular 560 crimson drivers but does not work on my if i boot into ssd that came with laptop, i suffer from the issue of 100% cpu usage on normal simple tasks. if i boot into second windows, i can't get drivers for system.....i am on second os right now. i will have to log into first os and take some screen shots of it constantly running 100%. if i open a browser, it will consume 20 to 30% usage just from that alone. i am not 100% sure, but i think it maybe acers bloat ware. although, there is several windows programs that pop up and hit 50 to 60% usage. i turned off as many windows programs as i could and problem still persists. i also turned off every program that windows uses to spy on you (so that windows wasn't uploading stuff. i thought that might be the cause of usage), also edited regedit and made a change to that so windows would not upload stuff, still peaks....
so my conundrum is this, i bought this laptop for work and to game, i cannot game without proper drivers. so if i boot into second os, i cannot game, if i boot into first os, i can game. just one big hassle. i could simply boot into second os to do work and first to game, but sometimes i run programs and wait for them to complete and while running them i like to game. i cannot do that on first os cause it will peak system and cores maxing out will cause extreme lag.
i ran tests on first ssd, as i thought that might be the cause of cores peaking, but was not that and ssd is brand new and scans came back negative on it having any issues.