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Adrenalin Drivers Flicker on Win 10 1803

Question asked by bebooo43 on Sep 8, 2018

Hello AMD community,


This my first post here, i have a notebook Dell 5537 with Dual GPUs:


Intel HD 4400
AMD HD 8670M


after updating my windows 10 to build 1803 i have faced black flickering issues in some of games in all AMD drivers when i play it in [High Performance Mode ]


before update i was using Adrenalin driver.

what i tried to do to fix:


-Clean install windows 10 with Official Graphics Drivers on Dell website. didn't fix it
-Install older version of amd drivers after clean uninstall the drivers using DDU. didn't fix it

-Kill DWM Service on launching the game fix the flicker. a temporary fix


there is a problem in dual GPU on this version of windows i can't figure out how to fix it.


the only option i have is to revert back to old version of windows 10 1703 this was the most stable one.


can someone help to fix this issue?