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Trouble with 6 displays on RX 570

Question asked by fse on Sep 7, 2018
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The problem I am running into is that the Active DisplayPort adapters seem to cause unrecoverable loss of video (and system lockup?). The video signal is either lost or the monitor has a blank screen(seems to do both but I've not figured out the pattern). I've reduced the issue down to a simple setup of a 1 monitor directly connected to the DVI port and a 2nd monitor connected to the DisplayPort with an active DisplayPort adapter. This usually reproduces the issue but it "works" until I change the resolution then I get blank (not no signal) screen on both monitors and it seems like the system is locked up. In the cases where I have all 6 displays connected sometimes two displays come up and I am able to look at the display control panel in Windows and it shows all 6 displays in "extend" mode yet there is no image on the display. I have invested in a number of other make/model components to try and make this work (listed below) but the issue remains. The best success I can get is 4 displays with 4 passive adapters (6 does not work) but this will not meet the requirements the project. I've also tried using putting all 6 monitors on active DisplayPort adapters, same symptom. Windows 10 64bit also has the issue but the majority of my testing has been in Windows 7 64 bit. This might be the same issue as but I have tried the driver that worked for them without any success.


The card functions properly in every way I can think of testing EXCEPT this however I arranged to RMA the card with XFX. Before I ship this off for at least 3 weeks (time is a factor) is there something that I don't know or that has changed on the RX 570 for driving 6 displays? Better yet has anyone successfully driven 6 displays with an RX 570?


The setup:

1x XFX RX 570(RX-570P8DBD6)

2x DisplayPort MST hubs(MSTDP123DP)

4x Passive DisplayPort adapters(DP2DVI2)

2x CableMatters Active DisplayPort adapters(102022)

Windows 7 64 bit SP1

Core 2 Duo E7500



Additional hardware tested:

Accell DisplayPort MST hubs - Same symptom Active DisplayPort adapters - Same symptom

Sapphire Active DisplayPort adapters - Same symptom


The following video cards WORK with all the above hardware driving 6 displays(in just about any configuration):
XFX R9 280X

Sapphire R7 360
VisonTek HD 7950

Sapphire HD 7750

Gigabyte HD 6870


Drivers that I've tried: