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    Trouble with 6 displays on RX 570




      The problem I am running into is that the Active DisplayPort adapters seem to cause unrecoverable loss of video (and system lockup?). The video signal is either lost or the monitor has a blank screen(seems to do both but I've not figured out the pattern). I've reduced the issue down to a simple setup of a 1 monitor directly connected to the DVI port and a 2nd monitor connected to the DisplayPort with an active DisplayPort adapter. This usually reproduces the issue but it "works" until I change the resolution then I get blank (not no signal) screen on both monitors and it seems like the system is locked up. In the cases where I have all 6 displays connected sometimes two displays come up and I am able to look at the display control panel in Windows and it shows all 6 displays in "extend" mode yet there is no image on the display. I have invested in a number of other make/model components to try and make this work (listed below) but the issue remains. The best success I can get is 4 displays with 4 passive adapters (6 does not work) but this will not meet the requirements the project. I've also tried using putting all 6 monitors on active DisplayPort adapters, same symptom. Windows 10 64bit also has the issue but the majority of my testing has been in Windows 7 64 bit. This might be the same issue as https://community.amd.com/message/2859080 but I have tried the driver that worked for them without any success.


      The card functions properly in every way I can think of testing EXCEPT this however I arranged to RMA the card with XFX. Before I ship this off for at least 3 weeks (time is a factor) is there something that I don't know or that has changed on the RX 570 for driving 6 displays? Better yet has anyone successfully driven 6 displays with an RX 570?


      The setup:

      1x XFX RX 570(RX-570P8DBD6)

      2x Startech.com DisplayPort MST hubs(MSTDP123DP)

      4x Startech.com Passive DisplayPort adapters(DP2DVI2)

      2x CableMatters Active DisplayPort adapters(102022)

      Windows 7 64 bit SP1

      Core 2 Duo E7500

      2 GB RAM


      Additional hardware tested:

      Accell DisplayPort MST hubs - Same symptom

      Startech.com Active DisplayPort adapters - Same symptom

      Sapphire Active DisplayPort adapters - Same symptom


      The following video cards WORK with all the above hardware driving 6 displays(in just about any configuration):
      XFX R9 280X

      Sapphire R7 360
      VisonTek HD 7950

      Sapphire HD 7750

      Gigabyte HD 6870


      Drivers that I've tried:





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          Normally to use MST it is best to use and install AMD Eyefinity to be able to use Multi monitors from the DP port on your AMD GPU Card.


          Need to post all six Monitors and how they are being connected and what resolutions you will be running them on.


          What software are you using for the Multi Monitor setup - Windows or AMD Eyefinity?


          If you are using Eyefinity, you must use Active Adapters (DP 1.2) to connect your MST to the Monitors.


          Here is information about Eyefinity in case you are not using it: Multi-Display Eyefinity Technology | AMD .


          The important links are Eyefinity FAQ and Eyefinity Configuration and Setup links when they are working again.


          Note: AMD must be updating or doing Server Maintenance on the Eyefinity websites because all the links at the bottom of the page comes up with error messages while last week the links were all working normally.

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            I believe I have solved or at least worked around the issue with this card. I do not fully understand why the older cards worked without any issue while the RX 570 did not. For some reason my Accell MST hubs, CableMatters active DisplayPort adapters, Sapphire active DisplayPort adapters would not work. The configuration that finally worked is the following:


            2x Startech.com 3 port MST hub (MSTDP123DP)

            6x Startech.com PASSIVE DisplayPort adapter (DP2DVI2)


            Vertical sync is preserved across all 6 displays. I know not many people use these cards for 6 displays but I wish there was more information on this subject. So much I've read is conflicting, incorrect or incomplete. Maybe I should start a website for how to do this.