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    Problem with ryzen 2400g when in fullscreen


      I bought a Ryzen 2400g a while ago and when i play full screen games, sometimes i get out of the game and get to my desktop. Its really annoying while playing. How can i fix it? I have a msi b350m pro vdh and 4x2 G.skill ripjaws 2666. Sometimes when im watching some youtube video i get a green screen for a moment and it looks like it refreshed the website. Anyone know whats happening?

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          Have you tried setting an XMP profile in your BIOS to the same clock speed as your ram?


          If you have Radeon™ Settings tuning your games and applications try turning the game and app profiles off too...


          Another one of my posts that helped first time Ryzen™ builders with troubleshooting lag spikes is also below...

          However not everyone has the same hardware so this may or may not solve all of your issues but it should repair at least a few...


          "I have the Ryzen™ 5 2400g and Iv'e also gotten that same issue... However when I set an XMP profile (same as D.O.C.P on Asus motherboards) to the same clock speed as your ram and then gave the GPU 2GB of VRAM *DISCLAIMER* do not set a D.O.C.P/XMP profile to 2GB of ram UNLESS you have 16GB of ram because it's system ram... Another thing I did was turned the turbo mode to off and set a manual/custom cpu and gpu clock speed.... *DISCLAIMER* My overclock settings are for reference only so make sure and start overclocking from 1320mhz in 20Mhz increments all the way until you find a point that is not unstable... but high enough to run your game smoothly.

          This fixed everything for me as long as I continue to keep up with motherboard driver updates, Ryzen driver updates, and my BIOS updates I should and you should be just fine..."


          Feel free to contact me, my email is right on my profile page.


          If the problem persists AMD will have a new set of drivers that will be released in sometime November or maybe even sooner.


          GPU clock speed my hardware can handle: 1640Mhz

          CPU clock speed my hardware can handle: 4.0Ghz

          1. Asus TUF-B450M Motherboard

          2. Ryzen 5 2400g

          3. (2x8) 16GB G.Skill Trident-Z RGB 3200Mhz Ram

          4. 650W 80+ Gold RGB PSU from Thermaltake

          5. CoolerMaster ML240L RGB Liquid cooler

          6. 2TB WD Black HDD

          7. 256GB WD Black M.2 SSD

          8. Fractal Define Meshify C Black Tempered Glass

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