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On Windows 10 graphics softwares/games not seen my 2nd card RX 560

Question asked by wolverin666 on Sep 8, 2018

I am new in Windows 10. I bought a PC about $800: Asus TUF H310-plus MB (with Intel HD onboard VGA) / Sapphire Pulsar RX 560 gfx card (this is 2nd on the MB PCIe slot). Installed Windows 10 added their driver 1st VGA-card as MS Basic Display Adapter and my RX 560 card the 2nd VGA-card. I tried some softwares/games but all of them want to run on the 1st onboard graphics and NOT the 2nd RX 560 (Autodesk AutoCAD, Tomb Raider 2013, Doom 2016 etc.). All my drivers/DirectX updated fresh WHQL. Cannot delete MS Basic Display Adapter/ also the disable on device manager not a solution. I plugged/tryout always my old monitors to the motherboard's 15-pin VGA-connect maybe this is the BAD and source the problem above???

Today is saturday and i cannot bought a DVi/VGA 15-pin converter until monday. to try.... Please answer my thoughts right maybe and a convert will be a solution for it? Sorry for my badly english (i am near 60 years old not so young). Thanks.