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MSI R9 380 4GB can't fix crashes.

Question asked by mmqm on Sep 7, 2018

Well known problem, i still cant fix R9 380 crashes. They are very random, i've tried to change my gpu then got back to R9 380 and it worked like a charm for a few days. then i getting crash on crash. I've tried clockblocker, i've tried 15.1 catalyst, 16.1, all new crimson drivers crashing aswell. I've updated bios for my mobo, nothing helps.


Motherboard Gigabyte B150M-D3V DDR3

PSU Corsair CX 600

CPU Intel Core i3 6100

Windows 10


GPU max temp under load in games 65-84



What would you recommed to try else guys? This problem really frustrating.