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    Rysen + quadro?


      will the processor tr4 1950 work with a proffessional card from nvidia Quadro? I need to know exactly about their conscientious work. Everything will be okay or there may be conflicts

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          I tend to agree with this old thread from Tom's Hardware concerning Ryzen cpu and Nvidia GPU card: Ryzen and Nvidia GPU! - CPUs - Tom's Hardware .


          Here another more recent thread concerning a Quadro and Ryzen CPU: cycles - Quadro 2000 + Ryzen 5 1600x - Blender Stack Exchange


          In my opinion, You can install any combination of CPU and GPU cards.  The GPU drivers shouldn't have a conflict with the CPU drivers or CHIPSET drivers installed.


          If you want a better answer, open a Nvidia Support ticket and ask them if there are any particular issues with Nvidia Quadro GPU cards and AMD Ryzen CPU/APUs being installed on the same motherboard or computer.


          Note: My computer has an Nvidia GPU card and an AMD FX 8350 and I have no issues updating the GPU drivers or Chipsets. There is no conflict between the two.