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    Secondary Monitor Freezes/Black Screen with Game Open


      Ever since I updated to 18.8.2 I've noticed my entire desktop and second monitor will freeze intermittently.  I tried launching games in windowed mode and it still does it until i move the mouse over the desktop and click on it.  I rolled back to 18.5.1 and it did the same thing.  I tested WoW again and as soon as I'm out of the loading screen the issue begins.  I currently have a 144hz freesync monitor as my primary and an Asus basic monitor as my secondary.  Should I just use 1 monitor for the time being?



      Core i7 6700k

      RX 480 8gb

      Asus z170 pro gaming

      EVGA 650 gold PSU

      16 gb Corsair Vengence RAM