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Freesync Issure on FPS game crossfire

Question asked by king_amd_optim on Sep 8, 2018

Today I manually update my 17.2 driver to 18.8.2,got an issue with freesync



card:r9 390

display:144hz with 2560*1440


Game crossfire max support resolution is 1920*1080,but seems like it will auto enlarge to 2560*1440 when we play,so after driver updated,when game start I found it flashed so obvious,so checked the fps was about 260fps should be ok.Then I open the monitor menu found that it worked at 2560*1440@65hz,freesync on monitor is on,but when I use 17.2 driver it's 2560*1440@144hz.

so is there a issue with new driver 18.8.2?