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    Registrierung auf AMD Rewards


      Hallo, wie kann mich bei AMD Rewards registrieren? Ich kann im Registrierungs-Formular keinen Namen angeben. Der Support auf der Seite funktioniert nicht; ich erhalte bei Anfrage eine Fehlermeldung.

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          First you need to translate your question into English since this is an English Only Forum.


          Chrome translated your question. What type of "Error" are you getting when you try to Register? Normally the error would show up in Red saying what you need to do to complete the registration correctly.


          This is the site to register for AMD REWARDS: AMD Rewards .


          Be sure to check mark AMD "Terms of Use" and click on "I'am not a Robot" box.

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              First, thank you for your anser. I can try it in my 35 years old beginner english. But, AMD sell there products in Germany too, for german money. Then they could also offer german-speaking support.


              With the registration I receive no error message. However, I can give no Name.


              There are boxes for first and last Name and location - I can´t use it - for date of birth, language, mobil phone, e-Mail, Password - I use it / fill it. I accept the terms of use and privacy polcy but not the information of the latest AMD news etc. Then I press the register button. The registration form becomes empty and the curser jumps upwards. There is none red mark is indicated(signalised) and there is no field "I´m not a Robot."


              I have read the terms of use and I have understand the most of it. But there is no explanation how I can register me.


              I wanted to write up the support of the side. In this formular I can write a name and fill the other boxes, except a coupon code and send it. Then I get an error message in a black and red box "While transmitting your ticket a mistake has appeared(played). Try(Attempt) it later once more."


              I do´nt know what I make wrong or what I must make.


              I hope you or other user can understand me and can help me. Great Thanks!

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                  the problem is solved. I have loaded Mozilla Firefox down and with it the registration has worked. There also appears a field "I am not a robot".

                  I don´t understand what´s the problem with MS Internet Explorer or what I have put there maybe wrong, however, I had this problem of the incomplete announcement already once with a South African web page.