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    Recommended cooler for 2950x?


      What is the preferred recommended cooler for 2950X? Anyone here has a build that can vouch for? Ideally a silent cooler. Thanks!

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          Have you two not seen this page?




          I would skip the Cooler Master brand for now.  I bought a Liquid Master 240 recent and have not been able to use my new Threadripper because the kit doesn't come with a TR4 bracket.  Got to order one separately and to complicate things further the CM Store is having problems, no one's answering their customer service line and have a TR4 bracket on order that is just Processing.  

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            There's the Wraith Ripper air cooler http://www.coolermaster.com/cooling/cpu-air-cooler/wraith-ripper/


            But for silence you need to go liquid, and that's what AMD recommends as well. I'd suggest the Corsair H115i, I love mine, and I love Corsair's warranty which also covers additional equipment if there is a defect which causes a leak.


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                Thank you. Do you use it with 2950x?

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                    razvanh, I replied yesterday and so did another person.  Both of those replies are now missing.  Occasionally this forum does some very strange things.  It used to send me e-mails for updated threads but quit that a few weeks ago.

                    I have a 1950X and recommended the Enermax LIQTECH TR4 or LIQTECH TR4 II series.  The main feature I liked was the active area of the water block completely covers the TR chips and will cover all four chips in your 2950.  The older water blocks, like the H115i recommended above, may well not.  I am very surprised that black_zion did not even mention the Enermax coolers.  Please consider the chip coverage in your selection process.

                    black_zion, if you have a problem with Enermax coolers, please post it.  Mine works great for me and I plan on using one in the future on a 2990WX.

                    Enjoy, John.


                    EDIT:  Will the moderator please contact me and tell me why this reply is being moderated and what happened to the reply I posted yesterday in the thread.  Please tell me how to contact an authority in the forum.