Driver 18.Q3 causes flashing display Samsung Odyssey MR Headset

Discussion created by rc26 on Sep 6, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2018 by rc26

I like the fan speed control options that are new to Driver 18.Q3 for my AMD Vega FE GPUs (I have 4 on a x399 motherboard with a Threadripper 1950x cpu), but it causes my Samsung Odyssey MR headset to flash on and off about every second. I tried the older Adrenaline drivers 18.7.1 and that fixed the problem with the flashing display.


I also noticed that in driver 18.Q3 that my computer detects 4 to 5 monitors that don't exist. I manually disable them, but still that is kind of weird.


Is there a setting I'm not aware of that will address either one of these issues?