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    EYEFINITY+FREESYNC on 390 on LG HDMI monitors



      I've 3x LG 24MK430H wich are HDMI FREESYNC .


      display 1 is with HDMI outpout of CG with hdmi cable to hdmi display

      display 2 is with DVI-HDMI cable in DVI CG outpout to hdmi display


      both are AMD freesync ok in RADEON SETTING


      display 3 display is conected : - with DP to HDMI active adaptator it show DISPLAYPORT but NO FREESYNC...

                                          i try with DP to HDMI passive adaptator it show DVI-D but no FREESYNC again

                                           i try also DVI-D (DP++) to HDMI adpatator it show DVI-D but no FREESYNC again


      How can i have freesync with my 3 display wich are HDMI ?


      I try amd Windmill Demo  

      freesync works on 2 first display, but on game no display works... why ?